Wii U controller: the new vs the old

Wii U controller
A few days ago an image of an updated Wii U controller leaked (by a person who has since been fired) from developer Traveler’s Tale. It showed an updated design with dual analog sticks, and according to some, the new Wii U controller was also larger than the previous one. A few images have appeared online now (via GoNintendo) comparing the two controllers. We can’t confirm the accuracy of the images and the comparison, but it’s an interesting look nevertheless.

The red image represents the new design, and as you can see, it’s noticeably larger than the old one. In addition to being overall wider than previously to accommodate the new dual analog sticks, the new design isn’t as “flat” on the underside as before, something that the images don’t show. The new underside is much more grip-like, instead a flat surface with a cross bar. Some have also speculated that the screen is larger than before, 6.4 inches compared to 6.2 inches. As usual, we expect Nintendo to fully reveal the tablet controller, the console, and accessories at E3 on June 6.