Wii U controller and Wiimote connection suggested in new patent

Wii U controller patent
Nintendo has been filing patents like crazy: the latest one involves the Wii U controller and the old Wiimote interacting in an innovative way. As the patent image above shows, the Wiimote could be used to “swipe” and move an item from the Wii U controller to the TV, or vice versa: transport an object from the game to the tablet. The Wii U is fully compatible with all older Wii accessories, including the Wiimote, Nunchucks, Balance Board, etc. Nintendo has showcased that the Wiimote will be required in split-screen and offline multiplayer gaming, since only one Wii U controller will be allowed per console.

Earlier this month it was revealed that Nintendo patented a Wii U controller dock. The controller sports a 6.2 inch touchscreen with 854 x 480 resolution. Among the other Wii U accessories for the controller are the stylus pen and an updated Zapper attachment. It’s expected that Nintendo will unveil even more accessories and controller features at E3. However, the design of the device and console seems to be final, so we don’t expect big news on that front.