Wii U can use two GameCube adapters for 8 player Smash


Last night during Nintendo’s big Super Smash Bros. presentation, 8 player Smash was finally revealed as a confirmed feature for the upcoming game. This led many people to wonder what those extras will be using for a controller, since the fabled GameCube adapter for Wii U only has four slots. Turns out, you can use two of these adapters to have all eight players using GameCube controllers. That’s a lot of accessories, but if you’re serious about Smash with your friends, it’s possible.

Aside from the GameCube adapter and controller, we also learned that every single input method accepted by the Wii U can be used as a controller. The Wii remote and nunchuk are supported right alongside the classic controller and the pro controller. Is there a record for how many ways a game can be played? Because we’re pretty sure Super Smash Bros. on Wii U takes the cake. Even if you somehow manage to break all of your Wii U controllers, if you have a Nintendo 3DS laying around you can use that as a controller. Nice!