Wii U comes in 5th among Black Friday shoppers according to survey


Black Friday is the biggest event in shopping for the entire year, so sales statistics from these events give us a pretty good look at what items are trending based on consumer rate of purchase. Analyst firm InfoScout performed a survey of several Walmart and Target locations during Black Friday and found that the Xbox One is the most popular console of Black Friday, garnering 31% of purchases.

Sales of the PlayStation 4 weren’t too bad either, with 15% of purchases wracked up. The Wii U sits firmly in 5th place with 6% of purchases in its favor, but one aspect to note is that it is the only next-gen console that outsold its predecessor by a wide margin. Perhaps Reggie is right and consumers do know the difference between Wii and Wii U now.

It should be mentioned that stock for both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 should be taken into account, as it has been reported that stock of the PlayStation 4 console has been less available than that of the Xbox One. What do you think of these sales statistics?