Wii U April update speed comparison [VIDEO]

If you haven’t seen the video on Miiverse yet concerning the Wii U’s OS speed then go ahead and check it out below. Nintendo decided to tease us a bit with the upcoming update by making a comparison video. From the looks of it, the OS will be getting a significant increase in speed sometime this month.

The difference is quite surprising compared to what we have currently. This isn’t even the last of it, Nintendo has promised another update for the Wii U later this summer which will also optimize the console.

One of the major complaints the Wii U has succumb to would be the OS speed and lock ups. All we can see in the video is the game to main menu loading time which we can only hope is indicative of the whole OS. Either way, some quality of life updates is always a good thing and hopefully Nintendo will keep these coming while the Wii U comes out of its launch day woes.

What do you think of the difference shown off in the video?  Good enough or still to slow? Voice your opinion in the comments section below.