Wii U TV ad banned in UK for being misleading

Nintendo has released several TV commercials in the UK and elsewhere in the world. But one of the ads has now come under criticism for being misleading. One of the first TV ads to air in the UK showed the Wii U’s ability to play games on the GamePad controller alone. The game in the ad was New Super Mario Bros U, which can be played on the GamePad alone.

However, that doesn’t mean that all games can be played on the GamePad tablet controller. The UK Advertising Standards Authority believes the ad is misleading because it implies that all games can be played on the GamePad. Which isn’t true, of course — only a handful of games support this feature.

Nintendo tried to defend the ad, saying that gamers would understand the feature that’s being advertised, but the Advertising Standards Authority disagreed, and banned the ad from airing on UK networks. You can check out the Wii U ad in question below:

You can read the full ruling here.