Wii Mini unboxed and compared to Wii U (video)

While the Wii U is taking up all of the spotlight as Nintendo’s new home console, the old Wii is still going strong. It’s still selling well, especially in emerging territories, and recently passed the magic 100 million sales mark.

To broaden the Wii fan base even more (as if it wasn’t the most mainstream home console to begin with), Nintendo released the Wii Mini. Which is a redesigned Wii that’s stripped down to the basics: no online connectivity, no game downloads, no GameCube backwards compatibility etc. The Wii Mini was received with mixed reactions when it launched, but at $99, it’s got great value for the very casual gamer.

We’ve got an unboxing video of the Wii Mini, where its tiny size is compared to the Wii U. While it’s a bit thicker, it’s overall much smaller. It’s also compared to the 3DS XL. Check out the video below: