Deal: Newegg has the Wii Fit Meter for $9.99


If you haven’t jumped on the Wii Fit U bandwagon yet, Newegg has you covered. You can pick up a Wii Fit Meter for $9.99 today. Of course shipping is extra, but this still puts the price well below the actual retail price. If you already have a Wii Balance Board, all you need to do is download Wii Fit U from the Wii U eShop and link up the Wii Fit meter with it. If you don’t have a balance board, several retailers are currently selling Wii Fit U well below the suggested retail price of $99.

The new activities in Wii Fit U are well worth the upgrade if you enjoyed Wii Fit and the calorie counter and altimeter in the Fit Meter makes it fun to see how much your daily activities are impacting your actual exercise routines.