WHOOPS: Google Ships Cr-48 Chrome Notebook With Windows!

The whole purpose of Google’s Cr-48 Chrome Notebook is to showcase a new concept in personal computing in which the cloud takes priority. Front and center of their show is Chrome OS, the operating system that is supposed to make all of this possible. Why, then, would Google ship this poor guy a shiny new Cr-48 that boots Windows when he turns it on?

Seriously, how depressed would you be to finally get your Chromeputer and then be crushed when learning its reason for existing doesn’t even exist! You can see the Japanese lettering on the icons in the background:

He was able to get Ubuntu running via USB, interestingly enough, and even able to browse the web:

Last but not least, here is a screenshot of the BIOS showing a few specs as well:

There is an absurd amount of info and pics over on MustangRevolution, where the forum’s owner shared his zany experience.

[Thanks Brent!]