The HP Pavillion Chromebook is the first to come with a 14-inch display, making it a one-of-a-kind. This doesn’t mean the manufacturer has nothing to be proud of, though. In fact, HP has just released my now-favorite Chrome OS commercial ever released.

The commercial is not only entertaining, but HP has managed to make it very informative. I don’t believe any other Chromebook commercial has gone into so much detail on the advantages of Chrome OS.

HP only focuses on its own product by quickly highlighting the screen size (good for watching Netflix), the 9.5 hours of battery life and the $299 price. The rest is really al about Chrome OS

HP highlights the fact that Chrome OS is always “new” with automatic, free updates. Another important mention is the fact that your files are stored in the cloud, making them pretty much immune to file loss. “No matter what happens toy our computer, you won’t lose a thing.”

The commercial is funny, informative and a bit eye-opening. And frankly, much more honest than the Pawn Stars commercial Microsoft released recently.