10 Best Things to Do in West Virginia

Welcome to Wild, Wonderful West Virginia, where the mountain air sings with tales of coal miners and moonshiners, of Civil War battles and pioneering settlers. The state’s robust spirit is woven into the roar of its rivers, the hush of its forests, and the quiet strength of its people. Here, the Appalachian charm and the heart-pounding adventures beckon you to dive headlong into a world that exists at a pace that’s altogether slower, sweeter, and more soulful.

  1. New River Gorge National Park: As America’s newest national park, it offers a bounty of natural beauty and outdoor activities. With its world-class whitewater rafting, rock climbing, and endless trails, the park is a haven for adrenaline junkies and nature lovers alike.
  2. The Greenbrier: Step into the lap of luxury at this historic resort, which has hosted 26 U.S. Presidents since the mid-1800s. Also, delve into the mystery of its Cold War era bunker, originally built to house Congress in case of a nuclear war.
  3. Harpers Ferry National Historical Park: A picturesque town nestled at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers, it’s brimming with significant historical events. Explore the charming streets, historical exhibits, and scenic trails that tell tales of a time gone by.
  4. Seneca Rocks: A unique formation jutting from the North Fork Valley, these Rocks are the only true peak on the East Coast. Their striking silhouette provides a challenging climb for adventurers and an unparalleled vista for everyone else.
  5. Cass Scenic Railroad State Park: Relive the age of steam locomotives in this charming old logging town. Hop aboard a historic Shay locomotive for an unforgettable journey through the stunning backcountry.
  6. Monongahela National Forest: Covering nearly a million acres, this forest is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. It’s home to the highest peaks in the state, over 800 miles of trails, numerous waterfalls, and an abundance of wildlife.
  7. West Virginia State Penitentiary: Dare to explore this Gothic-style prison that once housed some of the nation’s most dangerous criminals. Take a guided tour, or if you’re brave enough, sign up for the nighttime ghost tour.
  8. The Hatfield-McCoy Trails: These trails offer one of the largest off-highway vehicle trail systems in the world. Spanning over 800 miles, they cater to all skill levels for ATV, dirt bikes, and utility vehicles.
  9. Green Bank Observatory: Enter the National Radio Quiet Zone to discover the universe’s deepest secrets. Home to the world’s largest steerable radio telescope, the Observatory offers intriguing exhibits and tours.
  10. The West Virginia State Museum: Discover the state’s rich history through engaging exhibits that cover everything from its prehistoric past to its role in the Civil War and beyond.

And there you have it, a journey through the soul of the Mountain State, where every turn in the trail brings a fresh adventure. Are you ready to surrender to the rhythm of the rivers, the whispers of the forests, and the echoes of history? West Virginia’s story is waiting to intertwine with yours, to carve a cherished memory into your life’s journey. Its peaks and valleys, its past and present, are poised to surprise and captivate you at every corner. So pack your bags, bring your curiosity and thirst for adventure, and let West Virginia welcome you with open arms. Your unforgettable journey starts now!