Target allocation for amiibo wave 4 shows more low-stock figures


The fight for day one amiibo seems like it will be continuing into Wave 4, as allocation amounts for each figure per store have been leaked online thanks to an anonymous employee and a little bit of math. The folks over at the r/amiibo subreddit have taken allocation information revealed by a Target employee and averaged it according to the number of Target stores located throughout the US to roughly determine how many cases of each amiibo will show up in the stores. Here’s a quick chart.


The interesting take away from this is that no one should have trouble finding a Jigglypuff amiibo, once it’s available. The Marth restock is pitifully low also, especially after Nintendo has promised to bring several first and second wave figures back due to the high demand they were met with upon initial release.

Those of you who are after all the Fire Emblem figures will likely want to snap up any Robin and Lucina that you find, as they’re the rare figures of this batch. The Splatoon 3 pack also has around double what the individual Inkling Boy and Girl have, so it seems like we’ll be able to find the 3 pack more readily than the individual characters. Either way, Nintendo seems to be overestimating the popularity of Jigglypuff, here. What do you think?