New Watch Dogs trailer released

Ubisoft has released a new trailer for Watch Dogs — you know, the much anticipated game that’s going to be delayed on the Wii U, while all other platforms will get it on May 27? The latest trailer welcomes players to the city of Chicago where the game takes place, showing the environment, how the game works, its complex hacking system, and more.

Watch Dogs was originally meant to be released last Fall, then early this year. Ubisoft then settled on the final release date for May 27. But Wii U players will have to wait even longer to get to play the open-world sci-fi action game.

How much longer will Wii U players have to wait? Quite long. According to Ubisoft, Watch Dogs might be released on the Wii U this year. Might. This year. That doesn’t sound too reassuring.

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In fact, the constant delays of Watch Dogs on the Wii U, and Ubisoft’s vague commitment to a release date, posed the question we asked earlier this month: is Watch Dogs the last big budget Wii U game?

And since most Wii U owners probably have another console or PC, how many of them are willing to wait for 6+ months to get the Wii U version of Watch Dogs instead of just getting the game on May 27? Hopefully Ubisoft has some great GamePad and Wii U specific features planned for us. Watch Dogs on Wii U better be worthwhile.