FREE MOVIE: Google Play giving away Big fir a limited time


Need a fun movie for this weekend? Google is giving away Big in HD for a limited time, for FREE! This movie is truly a blast from the past, so it might be a good way to remember old times or show the younger ones what comedy was like in the eighties.

I actually have never watched this movie, so I have gone ahead and purchased it. I was able to finalize the purchase successfully. The price is, indeed, $0.00, so no need to worry – it works.

If you haven’t watched it or heard about it before, Big is about a kid who struggles through his youngster years. He then wishes to become an adult, and his wishes are granted. He lands a job at a toy store, but soon realizes being an adult is not as great as it seemed. Wouldn’t we all agree?

Get the movie Big for free

You can get the movie straight from the Google Play Store. We don’t know how long this movie will stay free for, so I would advice that you get it right now.

A free movie never hurts. And paired with a Chromecast, it can make for a great time with the family this weekend!