Was January 6th a #TrumpCoupAttempt?

It’s been 500+ days since former President of the United States, Donald Trump, delivered his infamous January 6th speech in hopes of extending his presidency. He even promised to walk to the US Capitol with his supporters, stating “you’ll never take back our country with weakness”.

We all know what happened next: an angry mob stormed the US Capitol, several people died, and the country narrowly escaped a much more horrific disaster thanks to the bravery of the US Capitol Police.

A week later, Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives for “incitement of insurrection” with the support of only 10 Republicans. By the time his impeachment trial concluded in the United States Senate, Trump had already left office, Joe Biden was successfully inaugurated as the 46th President, and Senate Republicans dismissed the impeachment case as a moot point.

But the debate continues: was January 6th a Trump coup attempt? Did he intentionally stoke the flames of insurrection, hoping to retain power by any means necessary while carefully choosing his words to avoid any responsibility?

We’ll learn more starting on June 9th, 2022 at 8PM EST as a Congressional probe into the events surrounding January 6th unfold on live TV.

The committee’s findings, which will surface thousands and thousands of interviews and documents never before seen, will shed new light on President Trump’s involvement in the riots that left members of Congress cowering in corners and hiding under desks in fear of their lives.

In anticipation of the hearings, #TrumpCoupAttempt has been trending on Twitter, highlighting the prevalent Democratic belief that President Trump sought to overthrow the government.

There is no doubt that Trump sought to retain power- he still proudly bellows that he won the the election, claiming Biden’s victory is the result of rampant voter fraud. Those claims, however, have been widely debunked by the “courts, state governments, and members of his own former administration.”

Was Trump secretly planning a coup? Did he merely set the stage and hope his actors would connect the dots? Or is Donald Trump simply a misunderstood figure with a strong opinion whose supporters took his words too literally?

Here’s what a few voices on Twitter have to say about it:

As the drama unfolds, Trump remains the most prominent figure in the Republican party, gearing up for a re-election campaign in 2024.