Want Monster Hunter on another console? Fill out this Capcom survey.


For many Wii U owning Monster Hunter fans, the fact that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate skipped a Wii U release and was a 3DS only title was somewhat disappointing. There’s nothing like gathering your friends together to hunt a gigantic Tigrex, but considering the success of the Monster Hunter series on Nintendo 3DS, it’s not surprising that Capcom decided to go a different route. Still, the company is asking for feedback in a new online survey and one of the questions that pops up if you choose to say you haven’t played the new Monster Hunter on 3DS is to ask which console you’d like to play future games on.

If you’re keen on seeing the game on Wii U, or perhaps any other console you’ll want to fill out this survey. Of course, if you have played the game on Nintendo 3DS, Capcom is seeking feedback from you about the direction of the new game, including if you value the new story of the game, as well as some of the newer mechanics like the Insect Glaive. Either way, if you’re a Monster Hunter fan, fill it out! Help Capcom out and hopefully Monster Hunter will become much more mainstream.