Walmart is selling the Wii Fit Trainer Amiibo for $60

Yowza, we knew the Wii Fit Trainer was a “rare” Amiibo after the Amazon pre-orders for her sold out nearly immediately, but we didn’t know she was this rare! Walmart has a listing for the Wii Fit Trainer at $59.96, which is more than triple the suggested retail price and the price that Walmart has placed on other figures.


Of course, it’s possible the pricing is an error on Walmart’s part due to how the system is set up and perhaps the Amiibo is being considered a full price game instead of an accessory, like Skylanders or Disney Infinity. Either way, that’s a massive oversight on the retailers part and there’s no telling if people actually pre-order the figure at that excessive price if they’ll get their money back.

Upon initial pre-order offering, Amazon sold out of Marth, Wii Fit Trainer, and The Villager nearly immediately. They’re taking pre-orders for all of those figures except Marth, which still remains sold out. These figures are looking to be pretty popular even before they become available, so it’s probably wise to pre-order them early if you want to collect them all.

Thanks, Derek!