15 Date Ideas for the Perfect Stay-At-Home Valentine’s Day

What is love? This might seem like a simple question, but depending on who you ask, it can prompt different answers. To some, it represents beauty and joy. To others, it hurts and divides. Love has many faces, but at its core, it is what drives us to care for ourselves and others. 

We have a holiday dedicated to this complex aspect of life – Valentine’s Day. While we can celebrate love on any day, Valentine’s Day, in particular, emphasizes what love means to each of us as individuals. It is the one day in the year in which we can dedicate ourselves solely to showing our appreciation for love’s impact on us and our loved ones. 

However, Valentine’s Day was not originally intended to be the day of love. It has roots in the ancient Roman fertility festival, Lupercalia, which was dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture. Women eagerly participated in festivities thinking that they would become more fertile. It was also believed that men were matched with young women by picking their names from an urn, which often ended in marriage. 

With the rise of Christianity, Lupercalia was replaced with St. Valentine’s Day on February 14th. The day later became associated with love and romance in the 14th century because it was thought that it coincided with the birds’ mating season. It was also during this time that Valentine greetings started becoming popular.   

Today, we have more ways than ever to express our love in the digital and physical worlds. From a text message to a traditional dinner, we have evolved and iterated the experience of romance, but love has stayed constant throughout.  

Unfortunately, much of our in-person plans for February 14th will have to pause in 2021. In the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned our world upside down, unlike any other time in recent history. For almost a year, many of us have been quarantining and finding novel ways to connect with each other. Despite the difficult times, we have still been able to replicate the experience of important events without meeting in-person. Valentine’s Day this year will look a bit different from previous ones, but what matters the most is that we can spend it with our significant other(s). 

Here are 15 date ideas to spend time with your significant other(s) quarantine-style. 

Cook each other’s favorite meal 

Food is always a good idea no matter the occasion. Spice it up by making each other’s favorite dishes together in the kitchen! It will not only help you bond, but also learn more about each other’s preferences and improve communication.  

Fondue night

Need a dessert to accompany our first date idea? No worries, we got you covered with chocolate fondue! Grab some chocolate, milk, heavy cream, vanilla extract, and a ton of your favorite dipping options such as strawberries and marshmallows, and you’re well on your way to sweets heaven. 

Have a movie or TV show marathon

Have you been wanting to watch a movie or TV show series? Or perhaps relive the nostalgia of your childhood? Or do you just want an excuse to cuddle with your SO? Well, hop into your favorite PJs and snuggle under some blankets for a cozy movie or TV show marathon in the living room. 

Make a playlist together

Music brings people of all backgrounds together. It connects us to each other on another level and would be a great way to get to know your partner. As you both curate songs for your playlist, take turns explaining what they mean to you. You could also make separate playlists for each other to listen to songs that have defined your relationship or songs just based on you or your SO’s preferences. 

Watch the sunrise/sunset or stargaze together

If you feel more outdoorsy, have a picnic or some snacks while watching the sunrise/sunset or stargazing. While admiring the beauty of nature, you can take this time to talk about your lives and goals together. 

Surprise your SO with their favorite things

Make a plan with your SO to buy each other’s favorite things separately based on a few categories such as their favorite snacks, their favorite game, or a product that is in their favorite color. The more, the better! Once you get together, you can both surprise each other with what you bought in each category. 

Have a trivia night about each other

Do you think you truly know your SO well? In this activity, both you and your SO will come up with a few questions about yourselves to test each other’s knowledge. You may end up learning something new! 

Do a puzzle together

At first glance, you might think that a puzzle may not be all that exciting for a date, but it can help improve teamwork and open up communication. Plus, it is satisfying to see the results of your efforts once you finish. 

Bring out your inner model with a photoshoot 

Document your time together on Valentine’s Day with a photoshoot! You can pick a theme, the scenery, props, and even take this a step further by picking each other’s outfits. 

Plan your dream life together

If you have always been talking about a dream vacation or home with your SO, then this would be the perfect time to sit down and see how it could pan out. Look up house listings, watch vacation vlogs, or create a vision board to help manifest your dream life together. 

Play games

Games are a great way to have some friendly competition while also having fun with your partner. You can stick to traditional board and card games or opt for video games on PC or various consoles. 

Write letters to each other

As technology occupies more of our lives, letters have gradually become old-fashioned. Because they are less common nowadays, they have taken on more meaning, especially to those of us who rarely receive them. Writing a letter to your SO about what the relationship means to you and how much you care about them will surely make their day. You could also write separate letters for different times in their life when they are feeling a certain way. 

Sing your heart out with karaoke

There is nothing like bonding with your partner other than singing and dancing in the living room together to your favorite tunes. It is also a great time to relive more nostalgic times through songs you grew up with. 

Organize a scavenger hunt

You can satisfy your need for adventure by organizing a scavenger hunt around your house for each other. Make clues based on your relationship and have a prize at the end that both of you can enjoy. 

Draw or paint pictures of each other

Get creative by drawing or painting pictures of each other. Make it a surprise by hiding your progress and then revealing your pictures to each other at the end. 

Most importantly, stay safe!