USA adults prefer tech over sex!

Sex is pretty important, right? Well according to a recent study, it’s not as important as some of our gadgets! Statista has put together a chart showing us what average USA adults can’t live without, and the results are impressive.


So, there it is. Plain and simple – only 20% of people can’t live without sex. This happens to be a natural necessity, so it’s interesting to see more people would rather have mobile phones, internet access, computers and televisions. Have we become too dependent on technology?

This actually doesn’t surprise me much. I feel like our culture now appreciates a single, sexless life much more than before. It’s relatively simple for most to go months without sex, but try living in today’s world without internet access. Try it, even for a couple weeks. It’s really hard.

You know what has me really astounded? Only 73% of people say they can’t live without food. This leaves me wondering – is the other 27% made up by humanoid robots or something?