The average American spends 11 hours using electronic devices. How about you?


How much time of your day is spent using electronic devices and digital media? We live in the age of communication and without looking at any studies we can tell you it’s probably an impressive amount. A recent study proves this suspicion, and it seems the average USA citizen spends about 11 hours a day consuming digital media!

That is one impressive number of hours, isn’t it? These statistics come from the popular consumer research company Nielsen. They go into much more details on the distribution of device categories and the average Amercan’s use with them. Let’s take a look at some graphs.


As you can see, a huge portion of our time is being spent watching live TV and listening to the radio. This makes sense – these are much more time-consuming activities, and we have been using them for generations. Even those who don’t accept new technologies watch TV and listen to the radio most of the time.

Once we step into mobile territory, we can tell the numbers are much more moderate. The average American spends about about 1:07 hours a day using smartphones, for example. We also spend about a daily hour using the internet on a desktop computer.

At the very least, this means we aren’t hooked to devices all day long (though some of us may be). TV and radio are very often used in the background while we go about our daily routines.

Women vs men

Another interesting fact is that it seems women spend much more time using mobile devices, compared to men. Would you agree?


How long do you spend using digital media?

As for me: I would say I spend about 11-12 hours a day using digital media. I do work online, so you can factor in my 8 daily hours into that. After winding down, I usually unwind by getting out of the office. When I come back I usually turn on the TV (whether it be to play video games, watch TV, use my Chromecast or any other activity).

I sometimes multi-task and use my laptop or phone while I do this. And yeah, most of my time is spent using some sort of Chrome service or product!

How is your daily usage of digital media?


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