Unreal Engine 4 footage

As expected, Epic Games have released footage from the upcoming Unreal Engine 4, which has been rumored to be available on the Wii U. The engine showcases the video of which we’ve seen some screeshots in the past, and as one might expect, it looks stunning. The tech demo shows some of the new effects, such as physics, particle effects, lighting, and more. It’s been rumored that Epic Games is looking to bring the Unreal Engine 4 to the Wii U console, but that will of course depend on how powerful the Wii U hardware is. We know for sure that the new engine is coming to the next PlayStation and Xbox consoles. To see just how impressive the new engine is, head on after the break for a 10 minute developer walktrough, showing off all the key features and how the engine works. It’s definitely worth a watch!