Uh-oh: Nintendo Norway warns that SNES Mini might not have enough supply

Well, here we go: Nintendo Norway has warned its customers that they might not have enough supply of the upcoming SNES Mini when it comes out this September.

Nintendo in general has said that they will increase SNES Classic supply in order to avoid what happened with the NES Classic, which was sold out from the its first day on the market until its last day on the market.

In a Facebook post, Nintendo Norway says that based on pre-orders, “there is a great risk that the offer fails to meet the demand”, adding that:

“We have talked to all our dealers so they know exactly how many copies they will receive, and at the time of writing, there is no indication that we will be able to access more consoles in Norway at a later date.”

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The SNES Classic, or SNES Mini as it’s also called, will launch in September and will retail for $80. It will include 21 games and two controllers. And luckily, the controller cables will be long this time.

Are you planning on getting an SNES Classic when it comes out (and if it’s in stock)? Let us know in the comments section!