Ubisoft’s “Watch Dogs” could come to the Wii U

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs was one of the biggest new titles revealed at E3 2012. It was the one game that everyone was talking about, more or less. Watch Dogs is a futuristic third person stealth and action game that reminds us a lot of Deus Ex. From what we’ve seen at E3, the primary game mechanic will be based around hacking and infiltrating systems and locations. While Watch Dogs is currently only scheduled for release on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013, Ubisoft has now said that the game could very well arrive on the Wii U. Speaking to IGN, Ubisoft’s Tony Key said:

“We have so many games in development for Wii U right now that we need to keep that team focused and this is a very ambitious game. But it’s not out of the question.”

Watch Dogs got a lot of attention for its story, gameplay mechanics and visuals, which reminded us a lot of the futuristic settings in Deus Ex and Blade Runner. The video above shows Watch Dogs in action, showing the open world gameplay, the hacking mechanics, and more. We really hope to see Watch Dogs on the Wii U, which shouldn’t be that unrealistic, considering Ubisoft’s support for the platform.