Ubisoft working on “brand new IP” for Wii U launch

Ubisoft was one of the big supporters for the Wii when it came out, and had several titles available at launch. It looks like they’ll be reprising their role as the biggest third party publisher at launch, as they’ve already announced that they’re working on porting several games to the Wii U, including Assassin’s Creed, including a new title called Killer Freaks From Outer Space. But that’s not the only new IP Ubisoft is developing for the Wii U.

Now however, there’s rumors of a brand new Ubisoft IP, in addition to Killer Freaks, which is developed exclusively for the Wii U, and which will be available at launch, according to Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot.

It was Guillemot who pushed for a strong Ubisoft support for the Wii back in 2006, with the release of Red Steel, among other titles. However, many have since criticized Ubisoft’s Wii strategy, arguing that Ubisoft rushed many of the games in order to make them available during the launch window.

We’ll see how it turns out and whether Ubisoft has learned any lessons come 2012, when the Wii U is released.