Wii U accounts for less than 5% of Ubisoft’s sales


Today Ubisoft released their financial results for the Q3 quarter, which gives us a look at how the company is performing overall, as well as where sales are coming from according to platform. The news for Wii U is pretty dim in this regard, as it’s been shown that the Wii U only accounted for around 2% of Ubisoft’s total sales of this quarter, which is down from 5% of last year. In comparison, the Wii still managed to contribute a hefty 11% to sales, most likely thanks to Just Dance 2014.

We also learned from the financial call that the Wii U version of Watch Dogs will be delayed behind other platforms as Ubisoft attempts to focus on platforms that manage more sales, so it’s likely we could see this number decrease as people who want to play the game might buy it for another console instead of waiting for the delay.