Ubisoft reveals 8 Wii U games

Ubisoft Wii U

Ubisoft today showed that they’re the biggest Wii U supporter out there, revealing 8 Wii U games that are in development for the system. We’ve previously known that the company was betting big on the new console, and during today’s E3 press conference, they revealed their support with these games:

Ubisoft Wii U games

The company also confirmed that all of these titles will utilize the new Wii U GamePad controller in some way. Of those 8 titles, there aren’t many  Wii U exclusives — ZombiU and Rayman Legends are the on game that will be exclusive to the new Nintendo console. Another thing that Ubisoft revealed was that all games will only support one Wii U GamePad controller. The company also plans to integrate the new Miiverse network into their games.