Toys R Us is offering buy one, get 40% off on amiibo


Heads up amiibo collectors, if there’s something you don’t have yet you might want to check out Toys R Us this week, as they’re offering a Buy One, Get 40% off promotion on all in stock amiibo. The downside to this is Toys R Us pricing is about a dollar higher than other stores like Walmart or Target, but some of the amiibo like Yoshi and Princess Peach have been marked down to just $10.99.

It’s likely Toys R Us is getting ready for the new wave of amiibo that’s releasing this fall with Super Mario Maker, so they’re offering you a sweet way to pick up extra amiibo. Of note that Toys R Us has in stock includes the silver Mario amiibo, Toon Link and more.

Will you be getting anything?