Toys R Us offering $10 off $40 or more on amiibo, Disney Infinity, & Skylanders


Now that the holiday season is firmly behind us, it looks like Toys R Us is looking to offload a lot of the stock it built up for the three popular toys-to-life concepts this holiday season. Currently the largest toy retailer in the world is offering $10 off purchases of $40 or more for all amiibo, Skylanders, and Disney Infinity purchases.

Toys R Us already charges a dollar more than most other outlets for their characters, but browsing through the outlets offerings, there are still several popular amiibo from wave 1 and wave 2 available, including Yoshi, Luigi, Link, Donkey & Diddy Kong, as well as Pikachu. The Skylanders figures are marked a bit cheaper because there are currently three generations of Skylanders games, so some of the figures that released with the original game are only $5.

The only downside to this is the sale doesn’t work on pre-ordered items, as Lucario is still not available for pre-order again after the last fiasco.