Tower Control speed test in Splatoon, go faster with more Inklings [VIDEO]

Nintendo’s Tower Control mode for ranked battles has proved to be popular, but some of the information about the game must be learned from players. Take this quick experiment, which shows just how important it is to have a coordinated team in this mode, as the tower moves faster the more Inklings you have on the platform.

Given that Nintendo looked at other team-based shooters like Team Fortress 2 to determine how the online component of their games should work, it’s not surprising to see this. The Tower Control mode mimics the Payload maps of Team Fortress 2, where players must push a bomb across the map increasingly closer to the enemy base. Of course, the more team members pushing the cart, the faster it goes. That’s how the Tower Control mode works in Splatoon as well.

In the video above, you can see the Tower speed is almost twice as fast when all four team members are on the platform compared to just one.