Download code for Tomodachi Life demo being sent via email

Tomodachi Life demo promo

It’s no secret that we here at Wii U Daily are excited for Nintendo’s upcoming life sin Tomodachi Life. Announced last month via Nintendo Direct, the game had been said by some here to be “Nintendo at it’s core.”

If you’re one of a lucky select few Platinum Club Nintendo members you’ll have a chance to try it out and see for yourself what this game is all about! Nintendo is currently sending download codes for Tomodachi Life: Move-in Version, a demo of the full game, via email to select Platinum Club Nintendo members. Any Miis you create in the demo version can be transferred to the full game when you buy it, and like the Bravely Default demo, you’ll also be able to transfer a bonus item to the full version as well.

It looks like the demo is primarily being sent to those Platinum members who have previously registered a copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Although it also looks like having registered Animal Crossing in the past doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be sent a download code.


Keep an eye on your emails, and let us know in the comments if you’re on of the lucky ones who get to try out the demo! If you’re not one of the lucky ones you can at least sate your Tomodachi appetite by watching some of the in-game footage we have here.

[Source: Utah 3DS]