Tiny Barbarian DX gets some retail love on Switch

Because we know you’re not tired of reading about Nicalis’ support on Switch, here’s some more news: Tiny Barbarian DX is getting a retail edition for Nintendo Switch!

A press release sent to NintendoToday showed off the box art, which you can find above, created by Famitsu artist Susumu Matsushita. The press release also reveals that, like previous Nicalis-published games, Tiny Barbarian DX will include some extra goodies when it launches at retailers later this year.

Included in the package will be a “full-color instruction manual” detailing Mr. Matsushita’s “creative process” along with “his preferred art supplies” and a pictures of him working on the box’s cover.

No word on a price yet, so keep a look out for that article in the future. Tiny Barbarian DX launches sometime during Q4 2017.