Tech analysis: Mario Galaxy on Nvidia Shield

The guys over at Digital Foundry got their hands on an Nvidia Shield with Super Mario Galaxy (which is so far only sold in China), and of course they put it to the test.

And right off the bat, they reveal that Mario Galaxy on the Nvidia Shield is not a port, but an emulation. The old Wii game is being emulated on the Nvidia Shield, with an increased resolution of 1080p.

That means there are no new game assets or high-res textures — it’s the same Wii game that we saw 10+ years ago.

What’s funny is that the Nvidia Shield actually uses the same processor and hardware as the Nintendo Switch, which proves that Mario Galaxy can easily be emulated on the hardware. And on the Switch.

Check out the full video above. Super Mario Galaxy and a few other Wii games have been available only in China over the past few months. Hopefully it’s a testing ground for Nintendo to bring the games to the Switch.