PSA: Target hacked, your card info may be threatened


Did you shop at Target soon after Black Friday? If so, you may want to take some precautionary measures to ensure your finances are safe. Target has been hacked and over 40 million shoppers’ information has been breached!

We know many of our readers may have gone to Target to buy their Christmas goodies. Maybe a Chromecast or Chromebook? Either way, you may have walked out of the store with more than just your products.

This breach only affects those who shopped at target stores between November 27 and December 15. Of course, it would only affect you if you used your credit or debit card. shoppers were not affected, though. So if you shopped online you should be safe. Just how bad is this breach, though?

target-red-cardTurns out the attackers got enough information to make your life pretty difficult. Your name, credit/debit card number, expiration dates and CVV were compromised. So pretty much everything you need to make a transaction.

Target promises they have taken action and current customers are safe. Target has made their information safe again, authorities have been alerted and banks have received notice of what has happened.

You are still advised to keep a close eye at your finances. No one wants to find an ugly surprise too late, right? Did any of you shop at Target during this period of time?