The Switch is doing way better than PS4 in Japan after first 7 weeks

The Switch is selling extremely well worldwide, and that’s especially true in Japan. Since it launched, Switch sales in the country have consistently placed it as the best selling console in the country.

But when compared to the most successful console this generation, the PS4, the Switch is way ahead after the first 7 weeks. For example, week 4 the PS4 saw almost 30,000 units sold. The Switch saw almost 80,000 units sold.

The gap widens considerably at week 7, where the PS4 sold just 13,000 units, while the Switch sold over 45,000 units.

And that’s taking into consideration that there was no PS4 shortages when it launched in Japan in February 2014, while there are worldwide Switch shortages right now.

Overall, the Switch is outselling the PS4 by over 100,000 units — or about 20% more — after first 7 weeks on the market in Japan.

Switch vs PS4 Japan

Sales numbers via 2ch