Switch sells 1 million units in Japan

Nintendo Switch sales have officially reached 1 million units in Japan. And that’s despite shortages of the console, which are so bad right now that Nintendo had to apologize to its Japanese consumers.

By comparison, the Wii U sold about 820,000 units during the same time frame, so the Switch is definitely a more popular console. But not as popular as the original Wii, which sold a massive 1.8 million units during the time frame.

The Switch has been the best selling console in Japan week in and week out ever since it launched back in March.

Not only has the Switch sold 1 million consoles in Japan since March, it is also outselling the PS4 for the entire fiscal year almost 2 to 1.

Nintendo has only revealed one official Switch sales number: the 2.7 million units sold during the first month. It’s likely that by now sales have reached at least 4 million, and that’s despite the massive shortages.