Switch sales reach 250,000 in France

The Nintendo Switch has surpassed 250,000 units sold in France. While that’s not a big number compared to the other countries like the US and Japan, it shows just how popular the Switch is: it took the Switch 3 months to reach 250k units sold, while it took the Wii U over a year to reach the same number.

To date, the Wii U has sold just over 800,000 units in France. If the Switch continues this momentum, it’ll reach that this year.

Nintendo has only released one official Switch sales number: the first month total of 2.74 million units. Unofficial sales numbers put it at over 4 million since the console launched, but we can never be sure until Nintendo releases the official numbers.

What we do know is that the console is selling out fast where ever there is new stock. Nintendo Switch units are still going for over $400 on average on eBay, meaning demand is definitely still outpacing supply.

Recently, Nintendo said that they are scaling up Switch production to meet demand. Hopefully they’ll be able to meet demand sooner than later.