GameStop and Target cancelling some Switch pre-orders due to shortages

Some gamers who recently placed a Nintendo Switch pre-order at GameStop and Target have had their pre-orders cancelled, according to reports.

The two retailers have been cancelling some pre-orders due to shortages, apparently.

Last month, GameStop ran out of their allocated Switch units and had to shut down pre-orders. They resumed a week later after getting new stock, but apparently it wasn’t enough — more people pre-ordered the console than GameStop had units available.

Which means the error is likely on the side of GameStop (and now Target, according to another report) for taking more pre-orders than they could fulfill.

Another reason could be that Nintendo simply gave retailers a set number of units, but had to change it due to shortages and worldwide demand — for example, 80% of all Switch launch units have been sold out in Japan.

But it seems that Nintendo is doing something about the pre-order shortages: the company has increased Switch production to meet pre-orders.

With that being said, it definitely sucks for those who pre-ordered the console and are now out in the cold because of a miscalculation either by the retailers or Nintendo.

One thing’s for sure: the demand for the Switch is high and this is the biggest proof of that.