Switch now has over 200 games

The Nintendo Switch now has over 200 games on its eShop, a milestone the console reached after just 7 months on the market.

The list of games includes both indies and big third party titles from major publishers. As of right now, the Switch eShop lists 209 different titles on its store.

When the Switch was announced, Nintendo promised a ton of games for the system, and they have delivered — back in February they told us that over 100 games were in development for the Switch console.

By comparison, both the Wii U and 3DS have over 1,000 different titles on their respective eShops, but those consoles have been around for much longer.

All in all, the Switch is off to a great start, not just console sales wise, but in terms of the number of games (and the quality of games) that are available on the system so shortly after launch.