Nintendo Switch is lenient on NeoGeo censorship

One of the best things about the eShop┬áis its growing library of NeoGeo┬ágames. With the switch, you’re able to play classic titles such as Metal Slug, King of Fighters, and more how you want: portable or docked, censored or uncensored.

Game censorship has become a hot topic as Japanese┬ádevelopers have been forced to censor some of their games due to different, overseas cultural norms. This isn’t a new practice though, as Censored Gaming┬ánotes that NeoGeo┬ágames had the same problem in the ’90s.

Features┬ásuch as blood and breast physics that were present in a game’s┬áJapanese┬áversion were sometimes removed when it came time to localize a title for a home console release. That’s┬ánot the case with the Switch eShop copies, though, as they’re┬áthe arcade versions.

The censorship found in the home console releases was still in the arcade releases, but they let you toggle the blood, boobs, or whatever, so you had the option to experience the game however you wanted.

This is no different with the eShop releases. You can also just straight-up play a game┬áin Japanese┬ámode to ensure you’re getting the intended experience.