Games load much faster on Nintendo Switch than Wii U [VIDEO]

Anyone who has played with both a Wii U and a Nintendo Switch will tell you that Nintendo’s latest console beats the Wii U hands down in just about every regard. It’s a better portable system, it’s more powerful, and because of that it’s able to get you into the action faster.

One of my biggest complaints about the Wii U was the user interface and just how slow the system felt to use. There’s nothing more justifying than seeing a video comparison like this, where a game and its sequel on next-generation hardware serve to illustrate just how much faster the Nintendo Switch is than the Wii U.

Here we have Fast Racing Neo on the Wii U and Fast RMX on the Nintendo Switch, both developed by Shin’en Multimedia as Nintendo exclusives. The Nintendo Switch manages to get you from the UI screen to the GO timer in your first race in about 35 seconds, while it takes the Wii U around 52 seconds to do the same.

I have continually stated how impressed I am with Nintendo’s UI on the Switch and this video just serves to highlight how improved hardware can make such a huge difference in the amount of down time you spend between getting from the start screen and actually playing your chosen game.

Fast RMX – $19.99