Switch kickstand “fail video” fails miserably

CNET tends to make good videos, but their recent video criticizing the Nintendo Switch kick-stand fails miserably. As you can see in the video below, they do whatever they can to make the kickstand seem flimsy and broken.

The video, made by CNET’s Sean Hollister, has attracted lots of mockery and criticism from gamers, and has an impressive 98% dislike to like ratio on YouTube.

It’s so bad that Hollister had to update the article with a half-apology, saying that “…the video I used to try to illustrate the problems with the Switch kickstand…let’s just say it fell flat.”

As the video above shows, he does everything he can to make it fall over and show that the kickstand doesn’t work. But it does — when you leave it alone, which is the whole point of a kickstand.

What’s next, they’re going to throw the Switch off of a roof and complain about its build quality?

Thanks to our member Strat for the above image!