Switch consoles used as bait to scam Japanese gamers

The Switch is so popular that some people are willing to do anything to get a console. Including falling for a scam where they send gift cards to a third party and (of course) never see a console in return.

That’s a scam going on in Japan right now. Scammers are using Twitter to post “news” about having Switch consoles and sell them just under MSRP (first warning sign).

When people ask to purchase one, they are told to send an Amazon gift card (second warning sign) instead of actually buying the console on a website.

After the scammers get their code for the Amazon gift card, they tell their mark that the code doesn’t work and promptly shut down their Twitter account, getting away with $270.

Any time there is a huge demand for a product and not enough supply, things like these will naturally emerge. At least the scalpers who sell their Switch with inflated prices on eBay usually ship an actual console to the buyer.

Always be wary of these things. If it seems fishy, it probably is.