Some Switch consoles are apparently bending when docked

According to several reports, the Switch might be having a big issue. Some gamers are reporting that the Switch console bends when staying in the dock for long times.

Reddit user NSR even provided a photo that clearly shows the end of the console slightly bent, which you can see below. He says that it hasn’t affected how the console functions, but it’s certainly worrying.

Others users have reported the same thing: the console is slightly bending at the end, one user managed to set up a repair with Nintendo. Another user added “Oh shit, this is a real thing. I just checked mine and it is bent the same way. The QC is becoming a disappointment”

One explanation could be that the console gets too hot while in the dock mode, which could deform some of the plastic. But it’s hard to tell at this point.

We know it can’t be the battery that’s bulging, since the battery is on the other side of the console (even though the Switch battery is made by the same manufacturer behind the notorious exploding Galaxy Note smartphones).

This isn’t the first problem with the Switch dock: we’ve heard several reports that the dock can scratch the screen (which happened to us as well). Despite this, Nintendo has denied that screen scratching is a problem.

Check out the bent Switch console below:

Switch console bending

Via Reddit