Super Smash Bros U wins “most wanted” award at GamesCom


Nintendo showcased a bunch of Wii U and 3Ds games at GamesCom in Germany, and it’s no surprise that one of their most popular ones was Super Smash Bros U. In fact, the game received the “Most wanted consumer award” at the convention, showing just how much anticipation there is for the game.

GamesCom attendees were asked to name the one game that they want the most, and overall, it was Super Smash Bros for the Wii U and 3DS that beat out competing games — such as all those high-profile PlayStation 4 and Xbox One titles.

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Super Smash Bros U has been rumored for release in November, but that appears to be a guesstimate from one retailer. So far Nintendo has been pretty tight-lipped on the Super Smash Bros U release date announcement. Perhaps they’re waiting to see what Sony and Microsoft will do with their Fall lineups.

Super Smash Bros U is Nintendo’s biggest game to be released this Fall, so we’re not too surprised that Nintendo are keeping their cards close to their chest. Whenever the game is released, one thing is for sure: it will result in a spike in Wii U sales, just as Mario Kart 8 did earlier this year. Perhaps even more so.