Super Mario Party has 80 new minigames

Nintendo has revealed more details about Super Mario Party, which will feature no less than 80 new minigames (eighty!).

The 3D board layout will be back in Super Mario Party, and players will be able to adjust the length of the board and game before starting. In case you don’t have time to play eighty minigames.

If you’re interested in just playing around, there’s a freeplay mode which lets you just play all the minigames and practice before you challenge your friends to eighty minigames.

Nintendo also revealed a new mode called Toad’s Rec Room, which we saw in the trailer yesterday. In this mode, players can hook up two Switch consoles to expand the game area and offer new ways to play.

We got a 20 minute gameplay video below of Super Mario Party where you can check out some of the eighty minigames.