Super Mario Odyssey was the second most viewed trailer during E3

E3 is officially over and Nintendo took home a bunch of best of show awards, and generally had the best showcase of upcoming games. One of those games was Super Mario Odyssey, whose trailer was the second most viewed trailer during E3, surpassed only by Star Wars Battlefront 2.

And Super Mario Odyssey probably could have taken the top spot, but it was released way later than the other trailers, as Nintendo was the last company to showcase their games on Tuesday.

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The game was showcased not only with a trailer at E3, but with a lengthy gameplay video showcasing many of the new additions to the game. You can check out 10 minutes of gameplay here.

Super Mario Odyssey will be released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on October 27, 2017.

The trailer got 5.5 million views during E3, but is right now at over 8 million. You can check it out below: