Check out this rare animation from Super Mario Bros. 3


It’s been 28 years since Super Mario Bros. 3 originally debuted on the NES, but thanks to a Super Mario fansite a rare animation for the game has been uncovered. One of the power-ups featured in the game is the hammer suit, which gives Mario the ability to throw hammers and turns him into a Hammer Bro aesthetically. The only downside to this is that the suit takes away Mario’s ability to slide.

Site Supper Mario Broth discovered it is possible to slide while you have the hammer suit equipped, but Mario must be sliding already to accomplish the feat. It’s a very special set of circumstances in order to see the animation, but it can be seen in the bonus room of level 6-10.

Notice how at the end when the player attempts to slide again, Mario just ducks into the shell? That’s the intended animation for sliding with the hammer suit.