Super Mario Bro movie debuts April 5th

Initially slated for April 7th, the new Super Mario Brothers movie has been bumped up to an April 5th premiere, giving it the full Easter weekend to gain favor and steam. It’s Nintendo’s first Mario movie since 1993’s Super Mario Bros, which got red-shelled on release.

Mario’s 2023 animated comeback casts the following stars:

  • Mario – Chris Pratt
  • Luigi – Chris Day
  • Princess Peach – Anya Taylor-Joy
  • Donkey Kong – Seth Rogen
  • Bowser – Jack Black

Have you been waiting 30 years to watch a new Mario movie? Is that before your time? Will this be a full family affair?!

If the last movie is any indication, Nintendo can do no wrong: at worst, the new Super Mario Bros. Movie will be so bad that it becomes a cult classic with memorable voice actors from some of our generation’s most entertaining stars.