Someone modded the Mario Odyssey cap possession into Super Mario 64

The capture mechanic in Super Mario Odyssey looks really fun to play around with and definitely like the next great thing when it comes to a 3D Mario game. In fact, it’s such a novel concept that modder Kaze Emanuar decided to bring it to the beloved Nintendo 64 title, Super Mario 64.

For many gamers, that was the first exposure to fully open 3D worlds, so bringing the capture mechanic to the game is really interesting. Check out the video below to see the mod in action.

Emanuar notes that this is the third version of his mod for the game, which runs with an emulated copy of Super Mario 64. This version of the mod lets you take control of almost every object in the game, including rotating platforms and exclamation blocks. Previous versions of the mod only let you take control of enemies.

If you’re interested in checking out the mod for yourself, he’s made it available for download, though we doubt that’ll last long if Nintendo gets wind of it. Either way, it’s a neat homage to a classic game while also getting folks excited about the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey.

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