Super Bomberman R 60 fps patch comes at a cost

It’s common knowledge that, oftentimes, developers choose to sacrifice frame rate for better graphical fidelity. Whether that’s capping a game to 30 fps to maintain a native 1080p resolution, it happens. So, when last week’s Super Bomberman R patch bumped the frame rate from 30 fps to 60 fps, everyone started to wonder what trade-offs were made for such an increase. Digital Foundry now has that answer.

The resolution of Super Bomberman R was dropped quite a bit. Where the game was originally 1080p docked or 720p in handheld mode, it now runs at 720p docked and 540p handheld in Battle Mode.

As for frame rate, Digital Foundry saw different results between Battle Mode and Story Mode. In Battle Mode, the game locks in at 60 fps. However, when you switch on over to Story Mode, Digital Foundry notes that the frame rate is uncapped, averaging at about 45 fps, with a 1080p, native resolution. Digital Foundry posits that there may be additional elements in Story Mode that make it too demanding for 60 fps gameplay.